The Master

The Master ★★★★★

This film washes over us like the opening of the film with the waves gently hitting us. We get to see an already messed man go to war, get out and struggle for many years to find his place in life from job to job after he left the girl he loved because he doesn’t know his life in place. He gets persuaded into joining a religion that he barely understands but these people seem to be there for him. Dodd is actually the only one who believes in him as the others begin to turn on him. Why does Dodd believe in him? Does he truly feel like he has met him before in another life? The ending gives me thoughts that he does pay into it. Application 45 version 1 might be the nearest use of music in this whole thing and it is the point when he becomes a believer until he doesn’t. I honestly think this is a better film than There Will Be Blood.

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