The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★½

The second movie event of the year has come and man does it deliver. This film has some of the worst characters ever put on the screen. I kept going from liking Jordan Belfort to hating him because big of a jerk he was. It has some of the craziest stories I've seen in a long time put on celluloid and it had me laughing hard despite my loathing of the guy. I think about 80 percent of this is true and 20 is made up but really who is to say what is real and fake because he is not exactly the most trust worthy guys around but it is an entertaining story that never seems to drag despite the three hour running time to it. I'm curious to see what the longer version looked like. I can see this film getting nominated but not winning simply because it is not a film that wins Oscars. Marty proves that he will probably never make a bad film in his life and the man is incredible. Leo is terrific in it and should be nominated for an Oscar but once again won't win. Kyle Chandler has never been so smug in a film role. This film will get better over time.

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