To the Wonder

To the Wonder ★★★★

This film has gotten a bad rep by critics and I guess the only reason why is that this film is pretty straight forward with things. A woman falls in love with a man, he leaves her for another woman, she goes back home, he becomes disillusioned with his new girl gets back his old girlfriend, they marry, he never truly loves her like she feels he should, she cheats and then decisions are made. There is hardly any conversations in this film between the main characters rather just a voice over asking why things are the way they are for. Javier is really the central star of it because holds the world of Bartelsville together even though he is missing god and wants him to show him the way and a sign because he wants to love god yet has fallen out of love with him just as Olga is searching for love.
TM is really a painter and his paintbrush is his camera. He paints this beautiful films that like paintings, people will debate, love and hate but ultimately TM made a piece that he is proud of and I am glad that I finally go to watch this wonder because it is as touching as Tree of Life.

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