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  • Arthur Christmas

    Arthur Christmas


    From a wonderfully detailed initial setup, it gets a bit messy – but remains a simply effective family Christmas film. The story is eked out with a fair few unnecessary hurdles, but it keeps things light and jolly enough not to drag. Beautifully animated with fine Aardman attention to detail and little Easter Eggs (or should that be Christmas Stockings?) throughout that raise some of the biggest laughs.

  • Carol



    Believable intimacy from two strong leads, with well-layered subtlety in both performances, particularly Mara's. While the plot wasn't always the most gripping, it was always beautifully shot - what a colour palette!

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  • Mallrats



    There was a lot of juvenile humour that made me really feel I was double the age at which I should be watching it - characters like Jay, existing only to spit crude sex and stoner references, have not aged well, and often there's not a lot else going on in this film whose title suggests it might provide a whole POV insight into a teen community. Not quite.

    The finale works well though, and is where the story finds…

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Edgar Wright watches Drive and Guardians of the Galaxy back-to-back - "hey, that gives me an idea..."

    It's a good fun film, and the music really adds some colour to it, but it really is nothing special. None of the secondary characters have any depth to them at all - something I was willing to write off when I thought they just popped up at one point but, no, they keyy coming back. The use of music and choreography is…