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  • Badlands



    One hell of a directorial debut. The beginnings of Malick's style are certainly on display here in this most unique of on the road outlaw stories. Perspective is fascinatingly kept on the young girl, and any and all exposition as to the "why" of what Kit is doing is foregone. There's more narration and story than most of the director's movies, but it's still closer to a collection of moments than most pictures. As is the case with every Malick film I've seen, the visual quality is stunning. Charlie Sheen is also magnificent in his role as the story's primary... villain? Great film.

  • Knight of Cups

    Knight of Cups


    He got me.

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  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin



    That was an experience both nightmarish and beautiful, profound and disturbing, artsy and terrifying. The art is in the style, the terror in the reality. By the third time seeing Scarlett Johansson nude, I couldn't even look. Our culture's views on everything from body image to sexuality to gender to morality have been exposed. It is disturbing, confusing, and absolutely wonderful.

  • I Hate Christian Laettner

    I Hate Christian Laettner


    This aired at the perfect time because you can't think about the greatness of March Madness without remembering Christian Laettner. Was he cocky? Yeah. Was he a bit of an asshole at times? Yep. Was he driven and one of the absolute best college basketball players of all-time? Unquestionably so.

    There are few things that sports fans almost universally agree on, but hating Laettner and hating Duke is one of them. If you're not a Duke fan, you're a Duke…