Cyrano ★★★★

"My fate is to love her from afar."

It's not surprising in the least that this enchanting, hopelessly romantic musical full of beautiful, moody songwriting from The National, poetic dialogue, and passionate theatricality swept me completely away. Dinklage's stirring, heartbreaking performance in the titular role is exceptional, perfectly capturing the dueling strengths and insecurities of the character, and the chemistry between he and the luminous Bennett is thoroughly magnetic. Joe Wright knows how to craft a period piece well and the production design and costume work make for a gorgeous, soft-lit world to get lost inside. Despite the devastating nature of the story there is a fair amount of well-placed humor, too, and even some exciting sword-fighting.

The tale of Cyrano de Bergerac can be oh so painfully relatable. This one goes out to the love-struck everywhere. It's the kind of film (and soundtrack) I am sure to put on repeatedly because of how strongly it make me feel. I'm very grateful for such an overwhelming, lovely experience.

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