House of Gucci

House of Gucci ★★★½

Haha! Did *not* expect this to be such a comedy. It's overlong and set in an off-putting world full of people that it's hard to like but made up for with indulgent directorial flourishes, a hilariously self-aware script, and capital A acting performances that make the 2.5 hours highly entertaining. Maybe it also worked in my favor that I knew nothing about this family so everything that happened was a surprise. Lady Gaga is just sizzling in this. Driver stands out simply by being the most "normal". And the rest of the family and supporting players are so exaggerated to the point of almost caricature that it made what would have been a dour lengthy slog into a lot of fun, especially in its faster paced and more cracking first half. I don't foresee this being an enormous hit with the general public and I could find a lot of little details to nitpick, but I have a strong desire to watch it again. I think I understood what Scott was going for here and the silly soap opera just worked for me. Father, son, and House of Ridley.

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