Jockey ★★★★

"There ain't no better world. There's just this one."

Packs an incredibly moving punch for a 90-minute indie sports drama. The performance by Clifton Collins Jr. is mesmerizing and I am oh so very glad that he is finally being showcased where his talent can shine. Moisés Arias is up to the task, as well, in a supporting role that (like in "Monos") again proves he is an actor with a great career ahead of him. The plot may be called simple by some, but its focus on an aging star meditating on his own mortality and ability to continue doing the thing that defines him while also wrestling with the sudden arrival of fatherhood in a unique way was spellbinding stuff to me. I particularly enjoyed that he isn't a jerk, as many sports films utilize the trope of having a star learn humility in this kind of situation. But instead, Collins Jr.'s Jackosn Silva is the kind of human being you root for and can even point to as a role model at times. The magic hour cinematography and score are both tremendously beautiful, too. All-around just an excellent film and one of the year's best.

Also, the comparison to Chloé Zhao's work is understandable, but it's so frustrating to me when I see "Nomadland" mentioned, when in fact the ideal spiritual connection lies between this and her exceptional film "The Rider".

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