Roma ★★★

Artistically speaking, by all accounts ROMA is a masterpiece. That is to say that every element of its filmmaking is executed with a level of precision rarely seen. The beauty of Cuaron's film cannot be overstated and we are all lucky that longtime cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki convinced the director to control the camera himself on this picture. Cuaron's personal connection, that deep emotional importance for him, and ties to his childhood memories allow the creation of stunning, rich black and white scenes. In particular the frequent long takes, always lingering a few beats more than expected, were a delight to soak in. Though there were definitely moments I felt deeply in this film, I was not affected consistently as strongly as I would have liked (and as many others have experienced). Creatively speaking I enjoyed the slower pace because I wanted to enjoy the films visuals and sound, but that same length did little to enhance the narrative for me.

ROMA is undoubtedly one of the year's finest technical films, and its vast amount of critical praise is warranted. Even if you don't come out feeling like it's your personal best picture of the year, it is a film that every cinephile will respect and appreciate.

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