Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★

The second that INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE ends, you find yourself craving more. If there was ever going to be a fully realized animated version of the MCU, well, the framework is laid and the time is now. Every frame of this film is visually stunning with hand-drawn animation elements & comic book dialogue boxes appearing that give it a truly unique look. It’s popping with vibrant color and the editing makes it seem as if the scenes have burst off of a comic book page and come to life. It’s a smart, clever story that presents a new superhero origin in a modern, fresh way, adapting the complex original material into an easily digestible narrative for kids and adults alike, and it even features sympathetic villains. Miles’ struggle with identity, and the challenges his entertaining alternate universe counterparts face, all lead to hammering home what so many love about comics the most - the feeling that anyone can be a superhero. INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is the real deal, worth seeing in 3D, and another knock-out hit for the comic genius team of Lord & Miller. This isn’t just Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-man, it’s amazing, spectacular, and astonishing too.

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