Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★

When everything is a joke, is anything actually funny? The first half is overly ridiculous and toothless even for Waititi. The CGI is often awful. The second half makes actual attempts at emotion, but it feels soooooo forced at this point and barely works. Luckily a terrifying Christian Bale as Gorr is at least something worth paying attention to for the performance even if they completely waste a badass villain concept by rushing through it. I LOVE where it ended up eventually, and a less goofball and more serious sequel would have me interested, so there is that. And it's a very good thing that I really, really like Guns N' Roses. But I'm just tired of giving a pass to Marvel when they're lazy, and this is maybe the worst I've seen from them yet when it comes to that.

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