Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★★

"Who cares if we can't see any sunshine? I want you more than any blue sky."

A second viewing allowed me to free myself of the unreasonable expectations I had for this film because of my love for "Your Name". Despite having a bit in common with Shinkai's beloved previous work, namely a central teenage romance with fantastical elements and natural disasters on the horizon, the tone, pacing, and overall exploration of relationships/life in "Weathering With You" are very different. It's much more serious and dramatic work that takes its time moving the story along and has Shinkai exploring the very real issue of climate change (and humanity's conflicting response to it) through the decisions that its romantically inclined protagonists Hina and Hodaka face. I feel very strongly that anyone reducing this film to Shinkai making a statement on climate change is being completely unfair and not paying attention. The story of "Weathering With You" isn't trying to tell us what to do, but rather give us an outlet to consider that. I can't stop thinking about its characters, their relationships, and the challenging situations they must deal with, but also what my feelings about those things ultimately say about me.

Unsurprisingly, it's impossible to get over the breathtaking visuals and how perfectly they synchronize with another beautiful RADWIMP's score. There is just something about how Shinkai consistently tells stories that move me deeply and affect my soul in ways that very few filmmakers do. I think "Weathering With You" is an amazing film and I'm anxious to see it on the big screen when it finally has its United States theatrical release. I can't stop thinking about its characters, their relationships, and the choices they're forced to make.

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