Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Absolute banger! Probably my first or second favorite Guy Ritchie film. I love that the director strips most of his flashy antics and flair away and instead does his best Michael Mann impression by telling a propulsive, menacing revenge/heist story. The non-linear structure was a great choice and allows for us to see different perspectives of the same incident while each time having a couple more pieces of the puzzle. Eventually it's all put together and it all makes sense and works. Statham is fantastic as a deadly serious and focused man on a mission devoid of his typical one-liner arsenal and the supporting cast is all very good with Hartnett, Eastwood, and McCallany standing out above the rest. The film isn't perfect as it does get a bit eye-rolly with its commentary on military veterans and it ends with a sadly lackluster heist and shootout, but I never stopped enjoying it from start to finish and find it to be extremely re-watchable in the same way something like "Den of Thieves" is.

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