Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★★

I can think of nothing that wasn't improved. It's undeniably Zack's vision through and through, all of his visual and character strengths along with divisive needle drops and his sometimes awkward way of framing humor in the midst of heavy dramatic stakes. Victor and Barry benefit big-time from more backstory and more explanation helps clear up the overall plot. It's riveting from start to finish; the time just flies by and the film flows beautifully from one chapter to the next. It's emotional, exciting, and most of all it feels E-P-I-C because it take its time to build-up. It's as good as it possibly could be given the circumstances and how he had to piece it together after the fact. Seeing just how great it is made me angry that the other cut even exists. Incredible storytelling and I really wish his run in the DCEU wasn't over yet.

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