A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★½

The definition of a perfunctory sequel. I liked the first well enough; it was a lean, if inelegant, bit of genre storytelling that relied heavily on its central performances. To see the inevitability of a sequel by the time the credits rolled was to say nothing of its necessity. It made $350 million on a new IP, so of course a sequel was planned.

This is about as clear of a case of sequel by necessity as there is. It's fine. Blunt, Simmons, Jupe, and Murphy are good. But, their talent can't save the film from the entropic pull of its own mediocrity. The writing has been cleaned up from sloppily scratching entire plot beats on dry erase boards to convey story to the audience, but what remains is relatively uneventful. There are fights and chases and explosions, but nothing more elaborate or inventive than anything in the first film, even if a Children of Men-esque car chase at the beginning of the film threatens interesting choreography and shot composition.

Ultimately, I'm not left wondering why this was made (money, duh), but why I caved and watched it. And for a film kept to a brisk 97 minutes, that's not something I should be left wondering.

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