Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★

To be born is to have a soul.

Very much need some time to stew with this one and I have a feeling this will only rise drastically in my estimation upon re-watch(es). But for now, some rapid-fire initial thoughts:

- Where Scott's classic is all about death and the inevitability of it (and, consequently, how we attempt and desire to escape it), Villeneuve's sequel is all about birth. It does the whole passing the torch onto the next generation schtick that we've seen in other resurrected franchises, but 2049 makes it a central theme and manages to infuse almost every frame with the idea.

- My God Roger Deakins. You are a God and we should all bow down to you.

- The idea of subjectivity isn't really expanded upon though it is directly invoked with the opening image of the eye. I'm not sure Villeneuve really delves too deep into the symbol though subjectivity, like before, is still a central theme. The end, though, certainly does bring this theme to the fore.

- I'm not sure how I feel about Ana de Armas' character. She's wonderful and I adored the character whenever she was on-screen. But, she feels like a retread of ideas explored with Rachael in the first film.

- Similarly, Leto's character, though well acted, feels somewhat shallow. In many ways he feels like the vehicle to deliver the theme of birth to us.

Giving this a 4/5 tentatively. But, after a re-watch or two this'll probably be a 4.5/5. Top 10 of the year so far though.

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