Certain Women ★★★★

Several weeks ago, I was sitting in a class that I have every Thursday evening. It's mostly a discussion oriented class as the main objective is to explore the hurdles to productive and feasible inter-religious dialogue.

However, in this one particular session, we had broken out into smaller groups to discuss some topic which currently escapes me. But, in that small discussion, I accidentally spoke over this girl who was in the group with me. I immediately felt horrible for speaking over her, especially since I'm relatively reticent to speak in general. But, this shame - and, I don't think it is at all melodramatic to label the feeling as such - has stuck with me for the past couple of weeks.

Now, this may seem a trivial thing to feel shame over. However, watching Reichardt's Certain Women two weeks ago has only served to embalm these feelings. Not only is having someone talk over you in a night class - a class that begins with exhaustion and ends with even greater exhaustion - a generally shitty thing to feel, but I am sure that as a woman, this moment carried a special kind of frustration that I can't truly understand. However, for whatever reason, I had a flashback to this moment in today's class. And, I was immediately reminded of Michelle Williams' chapter in Certain Women. It's not that what occurred was some great injustice like lacking the right to vote or having one's reproductive rights stripped away, but it's the little pebbles that are thrown into your gears daily that really wear you out.

So, I realize that there wasn't much point to this rambling mess of a reflection. But, I felt it necessary to spill my emotions some place. And, hopefully, something good can come of it.

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