Hereditary ★★★★

All Hail King Paimon!

Aster's debut is just as spine-chilling on repeat viewing. This jenga tower of tragedy and repressed emotion would be merely impressive for its sublime web of foreshadowing, but Aster manages to tie the inevitability of the film's conclusion to concrete markers laced subtly throughout the runtime. Like Wan's masterwork - The Conjuring 2 - Aster slowly drip-feeds information for the attentive, building the end into the beginning. So, it's rewarding on repeat viewing not because you're in on the trick, but rather because it contextualizes and bolsters the storytelling leading to the climax.

Hereditary isn't totally of its own - it borrows heavily from the mournful horror of Shyamalan and the adrenaline-fueled creepshows of Wan - but it is a *spectacular* piece of horror filmmaking.

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