Take Shelter

Take Shelter ★★★★★

You've got a good life, Curtis. I guess that's the best compliment you can give a man; take a look at his life and say, 'That's good'. That guy is doing something right.

Reflections part of a piece coming to talkfilmsociety.com on Wednesday.

But, upon revisit, Jeff Nichols' masterpiece of paranoia, pain, and isolation hits with just as poignant a punch. As always Shannon and Chastain are remarkable; each displaying genuine pain without ever veering into hyperbole. It's absolutely devastating stuff.

If the goal of cinema - or truly art in general - is to bridge the gap in experience through empathy, Take Shelter succeeds to extraordinary effect. When Shannon recoils or turns away, it's not some melodramatic gesture; it's a man in pain trying to keep his composure.

Still one of my favorites of all time. And, upon re-watch, it has only risen in my estimation. Utterly essential cinema.

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