• Pavement: Slow Century

    Pavement: Slow Century


    I get that this movie is partially aping the aesthetic and ethos of Pavement itself in its construction, but the results are not nearly as effective for a documentary. Would not be a good choice to try to win over any new fans. A lot of middling quality live footage that plays out in sometimes 5-10 minute uninterrupted chunks. Very little spotlight on any of their studio stuff, which to me is most of the band’s appeal.

  • An Evening with Tim Heidecker

    An Evening with Tim Heidecker


    I was recently named one of the top 5 comedians in the country by a comedy magazine

  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

    Borat Subsequent Moviefilm


    We are in the only reality where the sequel to a fifteen-year-old comedy whose lead character has become an ironic punchline is the best movie of 2020

  • You Owe Me One

    You Owe Me One


    You can sort of guess exactly what this is going to be from the first minute, but it’s well executed.

  • True Stories

    True Stories


    What if every town in America, no matter how small, had a rich, eclectic culture all their own, completely distinct from the town next to them?

    That’s clearly the world David Byrne wants to live in – a world that encourages each individual to explore their own creative passion. A world of billions of artists, all working on perfecting their unique craft.

    True Stories is David Byrne’s idyllic vision for small town America. It’s a case for anti-homogeneity in a…

  • The Making of Only Yesterday

    The Making of Only Yesterday


    Potentially the greatest DVD bonus feature I’ve ever seen.

  • No Time To Look Back

    No Time To Look Back


    This is honestly a fascinating and unique approach to a DVD bonus feature and I’d love to see more like it

  • Real Life

    Real Life


    I love that David Byrne saw making a film as an opportunity to give life to about 10 cool projects at once

  • Die Hard 2

    Die Hard 2

    I can’t believe they thought, “We need to recreate literally every single detail of the first Die Hard with just SLIGHTLY different specifics.”

    There is a commercial for a fax machine clumsily wedged into the middle of this thing, to give you an idea of how much emphasis was obviously placed on just making as much money as possible.

  • The Squid and the Whale

    The Squid and the Whale


    This is my first watch of Squid and The Whale in a couple years, and I was surprised how much I viewed it from the perspective of Jeff Daniels’ Bernard this time around.

    It’s a great thing about this film – you can watch it through the eyes of any of its four central characters. All four of them have a very different outlook on the same situation. None of them are especially villainized for the way the act, as…

  • Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie

    Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie


    As underrated a documentary as I’ve seen. There is a lot of bizarre, notable, and FASCINATING footage in this thing, about a subject who seems to have faded from the collective cultural memory as quickly as he appeared.

    Evocateur is as relevant as ever in a world where Trump became president. This film makes the case for how that happens without even specifically knowing it’s going to happen.

    It also pulls back the curtain on the phoniness of punditry, as…

  • The Fly

    The Fly

    When I think about flies, the FIRST thing that comes to mind is how strong they are