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  • Glassy Ocean

    Glassy Ocean


    nickolodeon slime color palette 

    always thought of time as more yellowish like when white fabrics get dingy and breakable

  • Ursa Minor Blue

    Ursa Minor Blue


    dreamy, sweet animation like a grown up’s bedtime story that makes base goodness pass into the texture of life. 

    highly recommend if outdoor voices striking blue color palette hits your rods and cons just right

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  • Parasite



    Not just one of the greatest films I’ve seen this year, but one of the best I’ve seen altogether. Genre-bending, it’s so much.

    Normally when I go to H-*-B , I steal a moderate amount. After watching this movie last night, I stole extra good this morning.

  • The Biggest Little Farm

    The Biggest Little Farm


    Best rivalries in this movie:

    1. ducks vs. snails
    2. owls vs. gophers 
    3. ladybugs vs. aphids

    4. insecure narrator man vs. reading one philosophy book