Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★½

It felt pretty great returning to the comforting sanctuary of the movie theater for the first time in two years. I was bound to enjoy anything I saw, but I'm thankful it turned out to be a pretty great film that certainly hits at a lot of things I enjoy.

On a basic level it's a charming sci-fi/action comedy with some really clever schematics of how this world works and plenty of fun and refreshing action choreography that lets you remember how effortless Michelle Yeoh can make it seem. Throw in a story about this thoroughly compelling family and how they try and navigate expectations, love, duty, mundanity across infinite possible lives and you've caught my attention. There's a wealth of sincerity in how these characters approach the world and their choices. It latches you into this journey and allows a scene of two rocks perched on a cliffside to be so cathartic and resonate.

Wonderfully inventive all around with so many great characters and performances, I'm so glad I was able to come into this one pretty fresh and just let it all wash over.

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