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  • Thoroughbreds



    I felt drained while watching this wannabe comedy that comes off more tragic than intended. Though some people I know thought it was funny, I found the alienated and emotionless characters hard to laugh at or with and it to me was more calculating and disturbing.
    Both leads do a remarkable job and yelchin proves he was destined for great roles in a small but ultimately pivotal role. 
    The music is by a John zorn alumni and effective in its confusion and eeriness. The camera work was solid but over used effect of rack focus was annoying. 

  • In the Loop

    In the Loop


    Prepping for the Death of Stalin, decided to check out this flick and boy did the laughs come fast and furious- a huge clusterfuck of events surround politic events based on a PMs off the cuff remark revealing a war committee is considering action in the Middle East. Peter Capaldi is among the many stars but the stand out as an obscenity laden tough guy who eviscerates everyone he sees trying to clear up the public relations disaster.
    Hilarious and shot like the Office, it's a sustained squirm inducing joke.

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  • Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider


    Incredibly fun adaptation that adheres to gameplay and the adventure of the long legacy of video games that came before. It's loud, bombastic and full of exciting action and doesn't get beyond just enough ludicrous scenes but easy to identify if you were among those that played out the ridiculous scenarios. Really enjoyed it, nostalgia feels with good imagery.

  • Dunkirk



    Enough has been stated about the technical marvel, but I'd look to focus on this fitting in the films of David Lean, John Houston or lots of the cinematic caveats we consider classics. Ratchet up the suspense you have a three short stories that intersect in a thrilling way, and expertly acted by all cast members. Sparse dialogue adds to the suspense as we know these British and french soldiers wait to evacuate. Nolan is a technical genius in the…