Rubber ★★★★

The boom of subversive comedy happened at the height of Aqua Teem Hunger Force and other adult swim programming in the noughties. From that we saw an exponential growth of odd time humor, surreal jokes and startling violence. Quentin Dupieux is not a stranger to these absurdities and the tent pole for him is Rubber, the killer tire movie as I will always remember it being referred to as.
Starting with a plea on 'no reason' for shit to be the way it is, we watch with a crowd of spectators the rise of Robert the killer tire. 
Geared more towards the reactions of people this film barely wants to tell a story, instead it takes you through the motions of audience acceptance in what they are about to watch. It subverts tropes by poking fun, tells us we're lazy and hints at surreal art over metaphor. 
It's blissfully absurd and wonderful full of gooey violent moments and funny dialogue.