The Cleanse ★★★½

Though unfocused and tonal shifts with little character development, this short and kinda charming movie takes an unexpected twist if you avoided the concept entirely before diving in.
Johnny Galecki ( still quite the screen presence) plays the mild, meager Paul Berger, a convincingly sad individual whose honest about his short comings. He embarks on a free cleanse to fight the negativity in his life.
After the first day he pukes up a bunch of phlegm and vomit which turns into a cute creature that he starts to take care of.
Good practical effects and feeling a little off the wall in the vein of Brain Damage or Bad Milo, The Cleanse has a good message about hoarding emotions and negativity; try to take control and not be easily sueded by life's obstacles. With Oliver Platt and Angelica Huston. Look out for the always fun Kevin Conners as Fredericks!