Upgrade ★★★★

I was nearly clapping by the end of this savage reminder of AI gone kooky. Low budget flick from the Creator of Saw, looks huge thanks to great effect work and editing. Logan Marshall Green (goddamn I keep doing double takes because he's a dead ringer for Tom Hardy), stars as Grey who is attacked after the self driving car containing himself and wife goes out of control. Now paralyzed from the neck down, a scientist he recently sold a car to invites him to take part of STEM, a new AI that can give him all of his functions back. 
Mixing social satire, Robocop sleekness, this is the hard R iron man we could want. Packed with surprising action, seething with ultra cool photography (wildly inventive) and an ending that I thought was just the cats ass. This was a great night boiler and under the radar flick.