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  • American Anarchist

    American Anarchist


    Charlie Siskel attacks this topic like The Fog of War. There are no great, big admissions to be had, though. Does the author of The Anarchist Cookbook wish that he had done more to prevent the book's use in various mass murders in hindsight? Yes.

    And that's pretty much it as far as revelations go. There's only one slightly heated exchange during an interview once Siskel asks the same question in a slightly different way for the 15th time (I…

  • Man vs. Snake

    Man vs. Snake


    I am a total sucker for these 1980s video game nostalgia documentaries. I loved The King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts. If they made an individual movie about the kings of each of these individual arcade classics, I'd watch them all.

    This one isn't much different. It's a longer story than I anticipated. Certain things don't turn out like you expect. For a documentary, it all makes for an unexpectedly great story arc.

    And yes, Walter Day still wears his referee shirt.

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  • Logan



    A dark, depressing, beautiful and utterly brilliant take on a superhero movie.

  • Life



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A lot of people are pointing out that this is derivative of Alien, and it is. However, I was taken aback by just how deeply, obviously derivative of Alien it is.

    Another point about the way that this was marketed - please stop with slipping spoilers into your promotional materials. I can't remember exactly what it was that I saw about this movie. It might have been a television commercial or a poster. But regardless, it said something like, "has…