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  • Tango & Cash

    Tango & Cash


    Tango & Cash delights in ticking EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. on what would eventually become the universally agreed upon Buddy Cop Checklist. Every scene is a cliche, every line a zinger. 

    I absolutely believe everyone in the cast is having a blast hamming it up, from Russell and Stallone dunking on each other for 100+ minutes, to Palance devouring scenery, to the solid ensemble of 80s character actors.

    The movie's only sin is delivering too much of a good thing, to the…

  • Charley and the Angel

    Charley and the Angel


    One of the better Kurt Russell Disney movies! 

    A workaholic dad learns that he's going to die, thanks to a tip from his eccentric guardian angel (Harry Morgan!), so he makes an effort to treat his family better in the limited time he has left. This, of course, leads to his young sons running bootleg booze, his daughter eloping with Kurt Russell (beating out her rival suitor Ed Begley Jr), and his arrest in a raid on the local speakeasy…

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  • Jaws



    Good news: Jaws is still Jaws.

  • Miracle



    Rock solid sports movie that manages to avoid nearly all of the feel good pitfalls you'd expect of a Disney movie. 

    Kurt Russell plays coach Herb Brooks with warts and all, in what is likely his most reserved, buttoned down performance to date. He delivers no quips, but makes up for it with motivational speeches. One of his rare straightforward dramatic roles, but Kurt plays it with a surprising amount of sincerity.

    The movie is evenhanded in balancing the "wow,…