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  • Love in the Forecast

    Love in the Forecast

    It was cute but weird cause what was supposed to be the conflict??? They lived literally together, both of them worked at the same city, both were single... 25 minutes in I was like wait is the movie over?
    And it was fun cause the three of them were in another movie together. Or I think it was with another blonde girlie. But it’s fun.

  • My One & Only

    My One & Only

    OMG THE TWO GUYS WERE IDENTICAL! I couldn’t differentiate them and it was so confusing!!!
    I liked that instead of being a love triangle where the two leads end up making the third party a villain to justify their love and kinda cheating, it was more like a mixed up love square, with 4 people but in the wrong pairings, but I think I’m rooting more for the reality show guy and for the girl who sold her company than…

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  • Happily



    I get easily deceived by movies with yellow posters but not again, after this I’ve learned my lesson.

  • IO



    If you are in this section trying to decide if you should watch this movie, I’m telling you: DON’T EVER BOTHER. This movie was completly pointless. After watching the trailer I thought this could be like a version of Seeking a friend for the end of the world, but it failed miserably. So just save your time.