Anton Vanha-Majamaa

Anton Vanha-Majamaa


pop, film, tottenham hotspur. doing pop journalism stuff at yle. based in helsinki, finland.

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  • One Half of Me

    One Half of Me


    It is marginally better than Tuukka Temonen's previous two drama films, mainly thanks to a slightly cleaner visual style (it really helps to have the film set in present day!), but the film is still lacking in almost all areas. The screenplay is bland, with absolutely no dynamism (a core problem in Temonen's previous efforts as well).

    It desperately tries to hammer home the message of "never give up" through clichés and numbing repetition, but then also tries to say…

  • Sorry We Missed You

    Sorry We Missed You


    It’s a tough watch, very much in the vein of I, Daniel Blake, this time focusing on the gig economy and its inhumanities. I adore Ken Loach’s ability to jerk tears out of the viewer without succumbing to cheap tricks. And to write believable spats about Newcastle v. Man United.

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  • Soul



    There's something distractingly corporate about this. Maybe that's because it feels like a muddled sequel to Inside Out. Maybe because the film is more interested in ideas than characters – which is a problem, when the film is literally about the essence of us humans. And maybe because it feels kinda perverted taking life lessons from a corporation valued at, I dunno, 20 billion dollars?

  • Ladies of Steel

    Ladies of Steel


    What an awesome surprise! It isn’t quite as progressively feminist as it maybe tries to be, but it did feel refreshing to see women of all ages be human on screen, warts and all.