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  • The Revenant

    The Revenant


    Hey I'm making a movie called The Revenant and it's really good because it's about like survival and man vs nature and stuff and it's going to have really good cinematography by that guy who did the dinosaur movie and it'll be artistic because I'll cut to shots of nature when there's intense stuff happening to show how epic nature is like omg and I'm going to shoot it in long takes because all the best directors do it and…

  • Planes



    Pure cinema. Do not pay attention to any of the film's critics. They're all wrong. Planes is simply put, the highest form of kinématographic art the world has thus seen.

    An epic cinematic odyssey full of gravitas and emotional weight, these ninety-one minutes have some of the most beautiful, solemn, thoughtful, poetic and hypnotic images you will ever see. The film is living photography. It is the film. To call the plot a major part of Planes would be a…