A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire ★★★★

i actually watched this yesterday on my tv, and then hbo max said no. and then i tried my computer and then it said no. and then i watched the majority of the movie on my phone. hbo minimum. 

anyway, vivien leigh (hot) gives 110% in this performance. it is drama to the max and not for me but it was damn entertaining. she’s so cool. and i am now going through a big ol brando thing that i am extremely excited about, i love being obsessed with things. it makes me feel alive. anyway i think he might be the best american actor that’s ever lived (and it’s got NOTHING TO DO wITH HIM BEING A TALL DRINK OF WATER) (but i meeeeeeeeeaaaan). but anyway, i have tons of thoughts on that subject and i don’t care about writing them.

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