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  • Chernobyl



    I want to rate this highly for the way it conveys the events. Simultaneously, I want to give it a lower rating for what it all represents. Chernobyl is ultimately about our human failures, yet at times I get this sense of an almost fetishistic focus on Soviet incompetence above all else. I see this kind of tragedy more as the inevitability of any system once it inevitably fails.

    When you make a story as carefully as this only to…

  • Crisis



    Mr Bergman clearly had the juice in him, he just didn't know how to squeeze it all out yet.

  • A Gentle Woman

    A Gentle Woman


    For a director whose style relies so heavily on the power of image, this film is lacking due to Bresson's weak transition to color. He was a master in monochrome and clearly showed mastery of color 14 years later in L'Argent, so I appreciate this for being his first step towards a new horizon.

  • Point Break

    Point Break


    Really loved the first 30 minutes, but then it managed to drag on while simultaneously being over the top for 90 minutes.

  • The Virgin Suicides

    The Virgin Suicides


    James Woods never stopped being a conservative after playing this role.

  • Sanshiro Sugata

    Sanshiro Sugata


    The story is nothing new, but Kurosawa in his 1943 debut manages to convey humanity more effectively than most top filmmakers today. Really looking forward to seeing his whole filmography if this is how good he was to begin with.

  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


    People can shit on Ace Ventura all they want, but they must remember that this is the best pet detective film ever made. It deserves more respect for a genre defining film.

  • Maborosi



    The greatness of any meditative film relies solely on the emotional investment of the viewer, and it is easy to lose track of the narrow immersion provided by Maborosi. My concern with the spectacle reminds me of what Ingmar Bergman once said of Antonioni.

    "He took great care over a single shot, but didn't understand that a film is a rhythmic stream of images, a living, moving process; for him, on the contrary, it was such a shot, then another…

  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    I've always been considered an asshole for about as long as I can remember. That's just my style.

  • Following



    Not enough dead wife pushing the main character to make a convincing story.

  • Some Like It Hot

    Some Like It Hot


    This feels like a 2 hour long episode of Drake and Josh.

  • The Darjeeling Limited

    The Darjeeling Limited


    Generally, Wes Anderson has always maintained the ability to create solid dialogue and use shots that would make high school photography teachers cream themselves. None of that is missing in here, so it's not like we could really ask for more. Relative to his other works, however, this just doesn't stand out so much.