Mirror ★★★★★

Mirror( Zerkalo) is one of the best films I have ever seen. Using the form of non-linear narrative, it unfolds memories of a dying poet about the key moments in his life and Soviet culture. Mirror is not only his most autobiographical movie, but also it successfully summarises a filmmaker's aesthetic.

This may not be clear to the first-time viewer of Mirror. Tarkovsky freely moves between time frames, between fictional recreations and archival footage, between colour and black-and-white film stocks, and this might produce, on initial encounter, a degree of confusion on the viewer’s part and also casting the same actress who plays the mother in the past and wife tn the present of the main character means the dying poet who is actually alter-ego of Tarkovsky and also the actor Ignat to present him in his childhood and also his son in nowadays.

Now after you see it how close the film was to Tarkovsky. The main actress Margarita was just brilliant specially on the shots directly faced towards camera. Using the non-linear form makes the movie more creative and imaginative. The cinematography what can be said about this just will leave you with the eternal view of visual poetry... actually a complete poetry what this movie actually is. The film vanishes from the screen but it leaves a permanent impression; an impression that is renewed, modified, transformed with each successive viewing of the film. On each viewing film is going to more close to you. Afterall it's nothing but an introspective masterpiece, hats off to the master of cinema.

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