• Revenge



    Conscientious and intricate, inundated with poetry and Philosophy, Shinarbayev's film fittingly manifests itself as a haunting rumination of trans-generational traumas where people become the victims of obsession and violence in the calamitous grasp of human desires. Balancing the ground between transcendence and human ambiguities, this film delineates a percipient impression of existence.

    Exercising its subdued symbolism, and entwining narrative originalities with hypnotic visuals, "Revenge" bespeaks the blood-soaked past of human cruelty and the present of day-to-day villainy while seeking the…

  • Decision to Leave

    Decision to Leave


    Terming previous films in the category where "expressions that stimulate peripheral nerves", Chan-Wook characterizes his latest feature in a manner accentuating subtle vocal expressions and restrained emotions more than its appalling thrills or unbridled twists. In all sincerity, exercising all the elements in a new fashion, this could've been a mess but the director's proficiency in evoking the confounded plots and then unraveling them in such a meticulous and poised way does the trick in delivering "Decision To Leave" as…

  • Straight Time

    Straight Time


    Subtle in degree, and made with such precision, Grosbard and Hoffman's film exhibits itself as a fraught and disquieting synthesis of an iffy character-study and heist thriller exploring the essence of the criminal psyche and one's struggle of living a life confined by societal normality in a gritty and unblinking manner. Keeping its uneasy and minacious tone, this film works effectively in picturing human vulnerability, a feeling of lostness and desperation enabling the path of criminality and self-destructive attitudes- thanks…

  • Show Me Love

    Show Me Love


    Being a breath of fresh air in teen rom-coms, Moodysson's debut feature conveys a gritty and genuine feel about growing into adulthood while balancing its emotional sensitivity and well-timed humor to offer a glimpse of teen attitude and perspective on life. Awkward, free-spirited, and unapologetic like the way adolescents are, this film manifests the happenings of one's first love, awareness of sexual self and his/her freedom of choice, etc.

    Keeping utmost sincerity, charm, and consideration in the entirety, "Fucking Åmål"…

  • Museum Hours

    Museum Hours


    "Yeah, you can't win...but maybe someday everyone will lose less, and museums and movie both could be free."

    A magnetic and quite stirring film-essay about exploring the dynamics of art-life relationships and finding solace in mutual solitude. Exceptionally and genuinely made, Cohen's singular way of looking at art in general and the world around us purveys an experiential portrait of the human condition and the transient status of life in the most placid way that avoids being didactic.

    Exercising its…

  • Senso



    "It's too late! It's over! I'm not your romantic hero!"

    The filmic transition from the world of neo-realism to stately dramatic marvels is quite sensational and signifies the brilliance of Visconti. Resplendent in Technicolor expressionism, this lush, operatic melodrama about a tragic love-affair set against idealistic passions exhibits a singular elicitation of impetuous emotions and demented yearnings while establishing an all-important perception of history.

    Set in 1866, during the Austro-Italian war of Unification, elevated by Valli and Granger's dynamic performances,…

  • Scarred Hearts

    Scarred Hearts


    Squarely nuanced and impenitently erudite, behaving as a bridge between cinema and literature, Radu's film operates in an anarchic attitude evincing its confounding humor and exuberance in the bleak, transient face of life & happiness. Fulfilling its poetic magnitude through formalism rather than narrative or thematic aspects, this challenging take on mortality, love, and fascism emphasizes static camerawork and subtle blocking in manifesting the key truth of mankind and strikingly engendering emotional undertones, as it should be.

    Loosely based on the…

  • Deep End

    Deep End


    Feels like Godard's version of A Short Film about Love, but with a striking touch of Truffautian Humour and Polanski's symbolic horror.

    Fantasy, obsession, anxiety, and troubling sexual behavior- all blend in Skolimowski's darkly satirical and distinctively slanted coming-of-age drama in a compelling manner keeping a current of edgy and uneven galvanism in the atmosphere. Licensing the dreams, decisions, and intents of his characters absolute freedom concerning their individual choices, the director establishes a place of uncertainty and subjectivity that…

  • Love & Pop

    Love & Pop


    Shot entirely on a miniature digital camera, accenting a perceptive tone, Anno's debut live-action feature reflects on the ambiguities and perplexities of growing into adulthood contradicting the frankness and blithesome side of teen years. In its intricate, discomfiting, and visceral narrative, this offbeat coming-of-age exercises the baffling aspects of methods, aspect ratios, visual distortions as well as storytelling to elicit characteristic emotions and their frame of mind while evincing a sensitive, and also cynical insight into a distinctive cultural practice…

  • White Heat

    White Heat


    "Made it, Ma! Top of the world!"

    Charged with Cagney's manic energy and Walsh's spiffing direction, "White Heat" reflects narrative firmness offering all in one- a gangster-heist flick, an investigative thriller, a prison drama, and ultimately an intense study of the criminal psyche. In all sincerity, Walsh's film corroborates itself as a seminal gangster piece conveying a fair essence of brutality, and also humanity.

  • Century of Birthing

    Century of Birthing


    Entwining several stories to manifest an extensive and experiential portrait of the responsibility of an artist and the conflicting nature of religious fundamentalism constructively evinces the characters, landscapes, and the existing political and economic struggles of society. Balancing the aspect of both digital set-ups and long takes, with a singular touch of intricacies, "Century of Birthing" explores the commonality between universal and artistic faith seeking the originality and freedom in both and the elucidation of all those.

  • Manoel's Destinies

    Manoel's Destinies


    Astounded. An exceptional exercise in storytelling, in his words- more like a "Pentaludic model" of it. Drenched in Ruiz's surrealism, melding the composition of expressionistic images with signature narrative experiments, "Manoel's Destinies" delineates a mystical impression of childhood innocence and terror reflected through its fantasies in a way eliciting our memories, dreary realities, and the ineffable mysteries of life. A must-watch, unequivocally.