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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    Loved this. The callbacks to The Shining were so satisfying. The music and camera pans often tried to stay true to the 1980 film (and the very powerful little girl's house number was even 1980), though at times the tone took on a far more modern direction. Either way, it was great and quite possibly scarier than The Shining because there were so many "tricks" being played you sometimes weren't exactly sure who had the upper hand at any given…

  • Ladies of the Chorus

    Ladies of the Chorus


    This was cute and weird.

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  • The Tomorrow Man

    The Tomorrow Man


    Everything about this movie has a gentle feeling. The story is precious and it is so calming to watch, like a yoga session or warm bubble bath for your mind. I feel like it was just a little too languid to grip me but I have to say it had a wonderful physical effect on me. I already have extremely healthy blood pressure but this lowered it for sure.

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    An evocative story which draws all its weight from the manner in which it is told. The premise and events themselves are rather simple and not actually as intense as they are portrayed in this film, but somehow it grips you and you feel it as much as if it were your own story. When we first see Chiyoko as an old woman, we can already feel her enormous presence, like she is a queen or even a god. She…