Abdellah Ben Jebbar

Abdellah Ben Jebbar

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Favorite films

  • American Psycho
  • Scarface
  • Fight Club
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Recent activity

  • I Am for My Lover


  • The Yellow Duck


  • Mr. Ex


  • Kareem's Women Children

Recent reviews

  • Medellin



    Medellin: A Hilarious Romp Through Colombian Chaos ✈️🇨🇴

    Franck Gastambide's "Medellin" is a high-octane blend of action, comedy, and cultural clash that takes viewers on a wild ride through the Colombian city of Medellin. The film follows Stan, a down-on-his-luck mechanic from France, who gets roped into rescuing his adoptive brother Reda, a local tough guy who's been kidnapped by a dangerous drug cartel.

    Gastambide, who also stars in the film, brings his signature brand of humor to the role…

  • Wonka



    Wonka: A Delicious Trip Down a Chocolate River 🍫🏭

    Prepare to enter a world of pure imagination, where rivers flow with chocolate and Oompa Loompas sing cautionary tales! Paul King's "Wonka" is a delightful prequel to the classic tale of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, brimming with whimsical charm, infectious energy, and just the right amount of darkness.

    A Young Wonka's Journey: Timothee Chalamet takes center stage as a young Willy Wonka, long before he became the eccentric candy…

Popular reviews

  • Bimbo



    من الرائع أن تتطرق الدارما و السينما المصرية إلى صناعة المزيد من الأفلام و المسلسلات تحت مسمى (تين إيج-أفلام مراهقين شباب) هته النوعية التي ظلمها التاريخ السينمائي والدرامي فنادرآ ما نجد عملآ فنيآ أبطاله شباب فالمقام الأول و إذا نظرنا فحقبة التسعينات مرورآ باليوم فافلام قليلة حققت هته المعادلة كمثال (إيس كريم في جليم، صعيدي في الجامعة الأمريكية، الجيل الخامس،أوقات فراغ، فيلم ثقافي، الباشا تلميذ، إي.يو.سي)
    وهذا ما أجده غريبآ فأغلب من يملئ قاعات السينما اليوم هم من فئة الشباب...…

  • The Sound of Music

    The Sound of Music


    "The Sound of Music" is a classic musical film that tells the story of Maria, a young woman who becomes the governess for Captain von Trapp's children in Austria during World War II. The film shines with Julie Andrews' outstanding performance as Maria, blending dramatic and musical elements seamlessly.

    Robert Wise's excellent direction and the wonderful music by Rodgers and Hammerstein make "The Sound of Music" an unforgettable cinematic experience. The film showcases the beauty of the Austrian countryside and…