Captain Marvel ★★½

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It has its flaws, it could’ve been massively great but the pacing and the editing stopped it from achieving its full potential. 

Brie Larson did okay but she was constantly overshadowed by everyone around her. From Sam Jackson to Jude Law, they steal the scenes they’re in and only barely loose to the glowing powers of Carol Danvers. 

The ladies provided emotional weight throughout the film. As her best friend, Lashana Lynch was great. Warms my heart every time she appears in screen. 

The MVP like many have said, are Ben Mendelsohn as Talos and Goose the cat. They are hella funny and endearing. Getting the most laughs out of the whole casts. Brilliant casting for Mr. Mendelsohn, hats-off to the talent underneath all that make-up. 

Appearances of other side characters such as Ronan, Korath and the all so beloved COULSON. As a marvel fan, I appreciate everything that have done with the movie. 

The CGI was great, especially on Fury and Coulson. It was outstanding! The other effects were as great as most Marvel films. 

The only real problem with the production is probably the music. What on earth was the plan behind it? It was messy to say the least. 

All-in-all, a must watch before Endgame. It leaves one important question behind: How will they handle Endgame with this OP new character in the team? I am sure I am not the only fan who wants a proper swan song for our OG 6, lets hope she lets them shine one last time.