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  • Fat City

    Fat City

    There's one scene in particular that brings together the entire movie for me and it's when Tully is making Oma dinner. The entire thing is just one mishap after another, and the peas almost become this comedic gag, but instead in a movie where life just keeps beating everyone down, it's depressing as heck. The scene is shot from the corner of the room with Oma trying to get up from bed while drink and Tully trying to cook her…

  • Flirting



    the scene where danny and thandiwe jerk each other off in the candle lit room is maybe one of the most tender and sweetest scenes where two people are awkwardly coming of age sexually

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  • Blackhat



    In many ways Michael Mann might be the most romantic American filmmaker alive right now. He’s such a romantic at heart I have a hard time categorizing his movies as anything but romances. I don’t just mean romantic in the sense that people fall in love in his movies. I mean romantic in the sense that there is a deep passion in everything he shows. He films cities like lifelong residents would if they had a tourists’ enthusiasm. He films…

  • Allied


    okay so i watched this movie without sound or subtitles on an airline so take whatever i have to say with a grain of salt. maybe the entire thing is worse or better without dialogue but there's one particular sequence that really stood out to me.

    Somewhere around the middle of the movie Brad Pitt starts to realize that Marion Cotillard might be a spy and there's this fairly long scene at their home with them playing house. Pitt looks…