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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat

    please proceed here for arthouse mortal kombat

  • Deep Red

    Deep Red

    the murder with the parakeets is so well perfectly orchestrated that you have to take a step back and be like damn someone died and that's fucked up.

    every sound and movement and camera cut is so well executed that it takes you on a journey of emotions starting with pure terror to thrilling to metal as fuck when the score fully kicks in. big fan of how sounds are generally used or not used in horror movies in this…

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  • Blackhat



    In many ways Michael Mann might be the most romantic American filmmaker alive right now. He’s such a romantic at heart I have a hard time categorizing his movies as anything but romances. I don’t just mean romantic in the sense that people fall in love in his movies. I mean romantic in the sense that there is a deep passion in everything he shows. He films cities like lifelong residents would if they had a tourists’ enthusiasm. He films…

  • Deadpool


    this is like a two hour long Axe commercial sponsored by marvel