Boy Erased ★★★

Telluride 2018. 

Some really great performances here (particularly from Hedges & Kidman) that are unfortunately obscured by awkward editing. 

The flashback narrative style made it really difficult for the film to make any sort of statement. I also felt that the tone was quite uneven, awkwardly jumping between quiet drama & thriller. 

The highlight of the film is Hedges & Kidman’s chemistry—their scenes together are absolutely heart wrenching. Hedges gives an excellent performance here, doing everything he can with the subdued & passive role he’s given for most of the film. Kidman is dynamic & endearing as his mother. 

And, at the end of the day, though, this movie gets people talking and adds a nuanced perspective to the discussion surrounding conversion therapy, which is (unfortunately) still a conversation we need to keep having. I definitely appreciated how grounded & realistic that setting felt. 

3/5 stars.

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