almost feels like this was a satire... i don’t understand how they allowed this white protagonist to speak over the black student when she was trying to open up about dealing with harassment. they never explained that lucy was harassed and called aggressive and cunty when she stood up for herself because she is a ~black~ woman, not just a woman. they never have vivian apologize to lucy for dismissing her initial concerns, but instead lucy is just expected to forgive her automatically? and then when lucy is emotionally affected by being called a cunt, vivian doesn’t even reach out to her! instead she makes a fucking poster to put in the bathroom! and then stands there and watches lucy deal with the consequences of said poster!! the worst part is that vivian never deals with the consequences of being complicit in this racism. 

and i know that movies are allowed to exist without being “politically good” but... for a movie that prides itself as being intersectional and inclusive (having a character in a wheelchair, having a trans character, having two women kiss, having women of color) they sure do gloss over these identities and instead focus on the skinny cishet upper middle class white girl. it’s almost as if all of the supporting characters were just there to check marginalized groups off of a list... which is quite literally the biggest issue with third wave feminism!!!! 

all in all, this added literally nothing new to the conversation. it’s all been said and done time and time again. the only difference is they had this white protagonist put on a leather jacket 😭 and tried to make it seem like feminism is all about being rude to the grocery store worker for offering to help you pack your groceries (his literal job) 

nice lucy dacus needle drop though ❤️

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