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This review may contain spoilers.

Such a statement. Harron distills a great message out of all the shock and awe that’s in this material, but doesn’t for a second turn away from the more brutal aspects. It’s gratuitous in a darkly comic way, not enough to gross out the viewer, but enough to feel we get our kicks like Bateman does. 

The twist, or whatever you want to call it, is perfectly revealed by uncovering the theme in the process. The idea that Bateman’s elitist male internal monologue doesn’t translate to his outward existence is adapted to maximum effectiveness. For every bit of offensive exploitation of sex and violence, there’s a statement connected to it that justifies its inclusion. The whole film seems masturbatory on the surface, but one watch proves it to be a thoughtful effort.

Bale makes this what it is. On first viewing, I thought the phony performance was too on the nose, but I picked up this time that the ironic act the audience sees is how he is genuinely perceived as a square by his peers, a hilarious but somewhat devastating turn at the end of the film. It’s funny to see the cool Bale play something so hammy and expressive, especially now that he has such a prestige about him. The whole comedic tone works so well because of Bale. He sells voiceover, self-seriousness, male insecurity, and insanity so well. So many laugh out loud bits in a style that I’ve never seen pulled off.

A masterpiece. I love this way more than I though I could and for all the right reasons. It’s smart, well-executed, and so deliciously fun. 

(4K Blu-ray kills the old Blu-ray master of this. Worth upgrading for sure.)