My Winnipeg ★★★

Absurd and wry. My Winnipeg takes about 20 minutes to kick in, or at least for the viewer to adjust to its unique presentation. The majority of Maddin’s insane experiment feels like a mix between a student film with heavy voiceover and a historical documentary, but what I adored was the surreal flourishes which really make the film worth it.

Things I loved:
-Hammering home the same lines over and over as a knowing cliche
-Anxiety of Mother
-Re-enactments of “1963ish”
-Naked in a hockey jersey
-Shaky inter titles 

I’m not sure I’ll ever appreciate this completely, as I don’t quite connect with its tone as a whole, though I’m glad I watched it and have the Blu-ray to revisit. There’s nothing like it whatsoever.