The Dark Knight ★★★★★

A true landmark of its genre and film in general. It works as an action film, a character piece, and a drama of moral dilemma. I don’t know if there’s another blockbuster out there that works on so many different levels. The action sequences are remarkably executed and meet the quota for a superhero movie, but the real sweetness is in Bruce Wayne and The Joker in a game of cat and mouse, as representatives of justice and chaos. It’s a dynamic that hasn’t been touched on in such a way since.
I’ve watched this film probably a dozen times now, but it still holds my interest and surprises me with how masterful it really is. The script can be goofy at times and there is a dash of Hollywood nonsense here and there in its logic, but it is otherwise flawless. Ten years since its release, nothing in big-budget filmmaking has topped it (Sam Mendes’ Skyfall has come close) and nothing of today, Marvel or DC stand out as significant works in film like this does. Nolan is untouchable.