The Matrix Reloaded ★★★

As a skeptic of the original, The Matrix Reloaded doesn’t excite me much. But seeing the unanimous love for The Matrix in the reviews on here and the hatred toward this sequel, I’m sort of surprised. Two viewings under my belt, I think Reloaded is better than its predecessor. It takes an established premise and adds a little, but not too much, to the mythos. And outside of that, it takes all the action and fun of the original and turns it up to 10. The multiple Mr. Smiths vs. Neo fight is particularly impressive in choreography and visual effects, but the freeway chase might top it. It’s great action filmmaking, but once again the convoluted details of why and how all these events occur aren’t explained well enough for me to follow. 

For the fanboys who despise this: I can see it. But if this installment came first, would you hate it? It seems that the two are roughly the same in plot absurdity and style. What’s the difference? A couple new zany villains? A more melodramatic love story? A slow motion rave scene?