The Matrix ★★★

Am I allowed to not like this?

Okay, I like some of it. But what emotional beat is there for me to care for the characters? Nothing is compelling or even engaging to me. What I do like about this is the action set pieces sprinkled throughout, the look of anything that’s not CGI, and the shot choices.

I will say this. There is a definite line between how action films were shot before and after this. Compare this to anything before it and I think you’ll find The Matrix is shot cleaner with a better sense of space and continuity. The goal in the action here is not to maximize the chaos, but to maximize the spectacle. It’s smart filmmaking, but sadly this cleverness doesn’t appear on the writing. For me, that’s where The Matrix falls short, forcing a convoluted premise on its audience with absolutely no relief. Two viewings of this now and I for some reason refuse to follow it. But damn it looks cool.