Vice ★★★½

Yep. Reassessing Vice, I came to the same conclusion. It’s a mixed bag, many parts very good and a few parts pretty poor. The biggest offenders are editing (lots of problems with coverage, it seems) and a compelling story. Sure, the information is all there, but where’s the emotion? I don’t feel much watching this aside from amusement, nothing in the narrative even knocks on the door of emotionality. The Big Short is very similar in this regard; it’s all facts, politically charged, no human connection. 

Bale is so good. Without a juicy dramatic scene, he still leaves a huge impression on me through consistent commitment to Cheney’s mannerisms and speech patterns. Last year’s Best Actor award went to Oldman for a performance that looks overacted and silly compared to this. This is nothing short of brilliant, career-best work from Bale and finest technical performance of the year.