David Hayes

David writes stuff and teaches people to write stuff. Even movies. He used to be an actor, but was really awful at it.

Favorite films

  • Rottentail
  • Bloody Bloody Bible Camp
  • A Man Called Nereus
  • Back Woods

Recent activity

  • Zombie Cop


  • The Satanic Rites of Dracula


  • Blackwood Evil


  • Blades


Recent reviews

  • The Strangeness

    The Strangeness


    It's like if they made The Descent with change found in the couch.

  • The Beast Within

    The Beast Within


    Nice little creature feature from a solid Tom Holland script. This one is sleazy... very sleazy with some truly shocking moments. The cicada transformation needs to be seen to be believed and is a testament to practical effects. For you frequent film watches, rest assured, if you see Ronny Cox playing any role, any role at all, he will make poor decisions that will endanger himself and others. Mostly others.

Popular reviews

  • Mutilation Mile

    Mutilation Mile


    Ron Atkins’ Mutilation Mile is a freaking trip! I’ve been watching Atkins films for almost a decade now and, granted, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Gonzosploitation is a term I’ve attached to his work before and I firmly stand behind it, especially some of the older work. Films like Necromaniac, Schizophreniac and Eat the Rich are cult favorites that have seen a wide range of success. They are gritty, they are down and dirty and, most of all,…

  • It Kills: Camp Blood 7

    It Kills: Camp Blood 7


    Back to Camp Blood, this time in Pennsylvania! Thankfully, and I never thought this would be the case, Mark Polonia is back at the helm of the ship! So, at the very least, we are going to get some fun backyard filmmaking. There is a monumental shift in this entry, though.

    No, it isn't the legend of the clown. We are still stuck with Stan Cunningham.

    No, we don't have a switch in composer, Ghost (not THAT Ghost) is still…