Axemas ★★½

Welcome to Day 6 of The Twelve Hells of Xmas! Someone better deck my halls, I can't take any more.

Here we have a double-event! To catch up on the past couple of days, I give to you Axemas! Shot in 2017 from director John Ward, this 26-minute film saves us sooo much time. It succinctly packs in every slasher cliche set during Christmas complete with cheese-tastic (and wonderful) one liner moments of bad dialogue. It truly shouldn't be as fun as it is.

The tried and true 'psychotic killer Santa with an axe' motif is on full display, but the setting is interesting. Quite obviously, the producers had access to a mini-storage facility and our intrepid group of partying young people break in to have an evening of holiday cheer. They are then bumped off, one by one, by our killer Kringle.

Like I said, the film is only 26-minutes long and it manages to shove 9 kills in there, each replete with witty one-liner and gore effects of varying effectiveness. Like one would expect, the character motivations are ridiculous and the acting is wooden... but that just adds to the charm.

A couple of years later, Ward made a feature-length sequel. Guess what is up next? BWAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

Jolly, jolly, nerds.