Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★

"Damn You"

Okay. So Milla Jovovich can kick some ass. But she's so overly dramatic. I don't understand if it's a requirement by her husbandirector (not actually a word) or if she's been just like that from the begining. Whatever the reason maybe, i love her in all shape or form. We don't have that many ass kicking female action stars anyway.

BUT MY GOD this movie is so awfully made. I have experienced the strongest facepalm ever in cinema's history, probably. and it just made me cry :( There are some great scenes, RUINED by the preposterous cinematography. The camera doesn't stay still at one shot for half a second. Let me rephrase, the camera will switch a million shots in half a second. Stupid morons, film makers!

The situations are dangerous, but highly cliched. Everywhere you can predict what can go wrong. Creatures are quite terrifying. Makeup or CGI? Thumbs Up for that. Flashbacks to same locations of predecessor movies are like a homage, and i respect that. First and Last 5 minutes are the gist of this WHOLE franchise. And boy am i glad to see the mystery uncover itself so openly. The 'Trinity of Bitches' satisfied me so good.

It was HORRIBLE experience. But very strange that it didn't feel 1 hour and 50 minutes long. Time passed so quickly. So The Final Chapter must've done something right, 'eh? Do i hate it the most? Hmmm ........ NOPE. Worth a watch for entertainment sake.